MTA SA Mafia Mission

MTA SA Mafia Mission

MTA SA Mafia Mission, mta Mafia Mission, mtasa mafia

How to Install ? - Nasıl Kurulur

Adım 1 / Step 1 : Download the MTA SA Mafia Mission script file. –
MTA SA Mafia Mission script dosyasını indir.

Adım 2 / Step 2 : Move file ( Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.5\server\mods\deathmatch\resources ) – Dosyayı şuraya taşı (move file to Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.5\server\mods\deathmatch\resources )

Step 3 / Adım 3 : Start the game and active the file – oyunu çalıştır ve scripti aktif et. Good game-İyi oyunlar

Author: shamont27619

THIS script will add 1 Ped that stands in upper left Los Santos, There will be a 'man' blip on the main map. When you attack this 'Mafia person', they will call for backup, People will show up instantly and attack you.The 2 attackers use spas shotguns and can take out your car, so be careful. BUT DO NOT KILL THE MAFIA PED / MISSION STARTER!

The 'mafia person' will hint where some money is hidden, and a new Truck symbol will appear on your map, go to it.
When you get there, Slothbot peds will be ready to fight you. If you can get past the sharp shooters, a large bag of money awaits. Only the person who started the mission, can pick up this money bag. Once you pick up the first bag of money, you will get a text message from the original 'mafia person' that you didn't kill. He will say few random words, and cops will come after you, Head to the next truck symbol to get more money. Once you beat all 3 parts, the 'mafia person' will appear near you, and do an animation. Kill them to complete the mission.

I recommend using the new FreeroamSlothbot resource for all bots. This one will automatically delete all spawned bots after a certain amount of time, otherwise your server will lag, as all peds will stay and flood the server. The slothbots peds are programmed so that cop peds attack criminal players, and criminal peds attack normal and cop players. It also increases Gun ranges to make peds an actual threat.

ALL mission peds(exept the random 'Mafia person' at the beginning and end.) are server sided and can interact with everyone.

LOOK OUT FOR COPS! Doing things in this script can trigger police peds to come after you. If you loose the mission, the robot police peds can come for you at the hospital! (they appear nearby)

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