MTA SA Hitman Mission

MTA SA Hitman Mission

MTA SA Hitman Mission, mta Hitman Mission, mtasa hitman

How to Install ? - Nasıl Kurulur

Adım 1 / Step 1 : Download the MTA SA Hitman Mission script file. –
MTA SA Hitman Mission script dosyasını indir.

Adım 2 / Step 2 : Move file ( Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.5\server\mods\deathmatch\resources ) – Dosyayı şuraya taşı (move file to Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.5\server\mods\deathmatch\resources )

Step 3 / Adım 3 : Start the game and active the file – oyunu çalıştır ve scripti aktif et. Good game-İyi oyunlar

Author: shamont27619

This creates several peds around los santos, when attacked,(if slothbot is installed and running) they start a mission. During the mission you are given a target located at the green $ symbol. You must kill the target to get payed $30k. If you attack the target or kill your boss, peds will spawn nearby and attempt to kill you. Every mission is different, but the same setup. I randomized everything from what they say(200+ phrases), to who they are(200+ options), and all their different locations(200+ target spots). THIS script will add 7 Peds that stand around in Los Santos. 'Man' blips will be spread evenly around on the main map. and will appear on your small radar/map if your in that area. When you attack any of these Hitman, it starts the mission. They will assign you a Target, as well as say something random on what you must do. When the random Target symbol appears on your map ($), go to it, and kill the person. When you attack the person, 2 ped people will show up instantly and attack you. The 2 attackers use spas shotguns and can take out your car, so be careful ;^) If you decide to kill your boss, the Mafia will come after you. Every couple of minutes it will check if you are standing still, then it will send mafia goons after you. It does this 3 times, and they say random things like "Hey, that's the person who off'd our boss!" and attack you. I recommend using the new FreeroamSlothbot resource for all bots. This one will automatically delete all spawned bots after a certain amount of time, to prevent spamming of the bots. At least you know they will disappear after a few mins.

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